LOOT 20 : The Denver BlahBlahBlahs



  • The changes we talked about last show are now in live.
  • The current build being used on the PTR is called “ Doomfist/Summer Games” according to the crash logs.
  • Jeff Kaplan – Developer Update – on the PTR
    • Highlights System
      • The game will continue to auto generate highlights for you based on your recent gameplay.  The ‘Today’s Top 5’ will persist for 24 hours (or until the game client is patched)
      • Can generate your own highlights.  Under ‘Request Highlight’.  Can save up to 36.  Setup hotkey.  You press the hotkey to save a moment you want to capture just after it happens.  Can capture up to 3 per round.
      • Can now export these as a video file.  Can also save them at any quality you choose, including 4k.
    • Loot Boxes
      • Drastically reducing the amount of duplicates when opening loot boxes.
      • To compensate for the reduction of duplicate items, they are increasing the overall amount of credits you get from loot boxes.  On average you should earn just as many credits, if not slightly more, than before.
      • If you login to the PTR and test this, you will receive 5 free PTR loot boxes.  I did this and my results were no duplicates from 5 boxes.
    • Ability to create customized reticles
      • Under ‘Controls’ tab in the ‘Options’ menu.  Click Advanced under Reticle.
    • FYI – Don’t hoard your Loot Boxes to open after the update.  “Loot Box contents are generated at the time that they are earned or purchased, NOT when they are opened.” (source)
  • Overwatch League announced that they sent out surveys on June 27th to a select group of top players from around the world to allow them to opt into being included on the upcoming Scouting report being sent to Overwatch League team owners. (Source)

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