LOOT 22 : Doomfist Live



  • Overwatch League – Announces player pay details (Source)
    • Minimum $50k / year with 1 year guaranteed contracts w/ option to extend for 1 year.
    • Teams will provide players with health insurance and a retirement savings plan.
    • Teams will distribute at least 50% of their team performance bonuses (i.e. money from winning playoffs or other League events) to their players directly. There will be a total of $3.5 million in bonus money distributed among the teams in season one, with at least $1 million for the season one champion.
    • Teams are required to provide housing and practice facilities for the team and each team must have at least 6 players, max of 12 on the roster.
    • “Free Agency” begins August 1 and goes until October 30.
    • No start date but the first season will launch later this year.
  • New Overwatch Hero might have been leaked out from someone on the inside? Many doubt it’s legitimate
    • New Defensive character: Psyren
    • Claims that the release cycle is slowing and she won’t be out until December.
    • Is supposedly a speedy defense character, with some tanking abilities, and a retractable sword that can be hurled at enemies.
  • Lucio ball looks like it’s coming back. Xbox has some new achievements
  • Patch is live
    • Doomfist is out
    • Lootbox adjustments are in. Significantly less duplicates.
    • Highlight system is in. Much easier way to save highlights and manage them. Recommendation, when exporting, do it at least at 1080p resolution.
    • Changed respawn timers for defenders
      • In the past, there was a system that slowly increased the defender respawn time in the case where there are more attackers than defenders on an objective for 30 seconds. The defender respawn time then increased in a linear fashion up to a maximum when the attackers held the advantage for 90 seconds.  The new update changes the defender respawn times to increase after only 15 seconds of “attacker advantage”. Additionally the maximum possible increase is now reached after 75 seconds.  NOTE: The end result is that stalling tactics involving defenders trickling in one at a time on the objective, should be less effective than before.  (Source)
    • McCree – Stunned targets are now slowed heavily
    • Reaper – Sound Effect and VO distance has been reduced by 50%
    • Reinhardt – Swing speed increased by 10%.  (Possible problem with charge)
    • Zarya – Graviton Surge now disables mobility abilities on all affected targets.

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