LOOT 24 : No Mercy in Junkertown for Mei



  • Gamescom Announcements
    • Junkrat & Roadhog Short (video)
    • New Escort Map: Junkertown (video) (Unit Lost Walkthrough)
      • Looks like several side rooms, like the vault, a karaoke stage?
      • Big room with rotating platforms in the middle
      • Video narrated by the “Queen” of Junkertown
    • Mei Short – (video)
    • Changes to Season 6
      • 2 months long, a month shorter than previous seasons. An experiment because “engagement is a lot higher at the beginning of the season”. Competitive points will be adjusted accordingly but overall rewards at the end of the year should be “roughly the same amount”.
      • Matchmaking – matchmaking queues will now take longer
      • Placement matches will place players more accurately
      • Skill Rating decay has been loosened in Diamond rating and above, now only requiring five matches per week and a penalty of 25 for failing to comply.
      • Players in Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond can now drop into lower skill tiers. You will still get competitive points based on your highest rank.
    • PTR Changes (D.Va & Mercy changes)
      • D.Va
        • Can now shoot while flying after using Boosters
        • A new rocket ability called Micro Missiles. Shoots 18 missiles in a straight line. Has an AOE effect and can be used simultaneously with her other abilities.
        • Defense Matrix resource meter will deplete twice as quickly.
      • Mercy
        • Resurrect is no longer her Ultimate Ability. Now it’s a secondary ability that only recovers a single teammate. Has a 30 second cooldown.
        • Removed invulnerability when casting the skill
        • New Ultimate, Valkyrie
          • Enhances all her skills and allows her to fly freely for 20 seconds.
          • Resurrect cooldown time is reduced to 10 seconds. Cooldown is instantly reset when Valkyrie is activated.
          • Healing and Damage boost beam’s range is drastically extended and will chain towards nearby teammates.
          • Caduceus gun receives infinite ammunition, increased fire rate and damage output.
          • Self-regenerating passive skill will no longer get interrupted while taking damage
      • Reinhardt
        • While holding primary fire while your shield is active, you can rotate the camera to look around
      • Arcade and Custom Games
        • Players who purposefully kill themselves in a game where Respawn as a Random Hero is enabled, will no longer respawn as a new hero. However, their Ultimate ability will reset and any equipment that’s been placed will despawn.
        • Also players will no longer receive the same hero two consecutive times, unless the game settings have restricted the hero pool to a single character.

Competitive Update

  • Cloud9 signs the entire Laser Kittens roster to their London Overwatch League team
  • The Seoul team has made it official that Lunatic-Hai will be representing them in the Overwatch League.
  • NYC Overwatch team is in the process of finalizing agreements to acquire the roster of the South Korean Overwatch team LW Blue.
  • Blizzard will require participating organizations to create separate business entities with specific branding for their team. They will have to create new geolocated brands specific to the Overwatch League.

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