LOOT 25 : Blizzard Arena



  • Blizzard Unveils the Blizzard Arena at Burbank Studios
    • First event there will be the Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs on Oct 7-8. Then Oct 13, the Hearthstone Championship Tour Summer Championship will compete there.
    • Later this year, the Overwatch League will play their first season at this location.
    • Tickets are now available and they are priced between $15-$25. Tickets
  • New Overwatch Comic: Wasted Land – shows how Roadhog and Junkrat meet.
  • New Patch (Aug 29th)
    • D.Va and Mercy changes are not included
    • Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch is live
    • New Map: Chateau Guillard (Widowmaker’s home)
    • Season 6 of Ranked started on Aug 31st and will last 2 months
    • Roadhog Changes
      • Can heal while moving
      • Takes 50% less damage while healing
    • Junkrat Changes
      • Can hold 2 concussion mines at once
      • Rip-Tire movement speed changed and can wall climb more efficiently
    • Orissa Changes
      • Fusion Driver shoots 20% faster
      • Barrier shield has increased in size and shape has changed a little
  • Jeff Kaplan gives a small peek into changes coming with dealing with toxic players
    • They have short term, medium term and long term plans for dealing with toxic players.
    • Short term:
      • Re-evaluating every punishment and are in the process of converting silences over to suspensions on toxic players.
      • Increasing the length of suspensions
      • We hope for silences to go away all together and only have suspensions and bans for punishments.
      • Testing an email notification system to let you know when someone you’ve reported has been actioned.
      • They did just ban a number of accounts for boosting in Season 5. These accounts will lose all Season 5 rewards.
    • Medium term:
      • Looking to completely ban repeated Competitive offenders. Meaning if you have been banned for more than X seasons, you will be banned for ever playing competitive again.
      • Season 6 will be way more aggressive with boosting/throwing or any sort of SR manipulation. They have developers who are getting very good at detecting this behavior and are creating systems around SR abuse.
      • There are a new series of punishments that they are trying this season that will escalate much more quickly. Really bad players will “strike out” of the game much quicker.
    • Long term:
      • Blizzard would prefer working on systems that encourage positive behavior and rewards good players. But because some people lack self-control or like to abuse anonymity they have to spend time and resources policing the community.
  • Overwatch World Cup Playoff Brackets announced – playing at BlizzCon
    • UK vs Sweden
    • China vs France
    • Canada vs Australia
    • South Korea vs USA

Competitive Update : Overwatch League

NRG signs 17-year old Sinatraa with a $150,000 per year contract. He received interest from numerous teams and it’s reported that the reason his contract was so high was because of bidding between NRG and Cloud9.  (source)

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My name is Miles, I’m 11.

I was wondering how many competitive points you guys have. Are you close to a golden weapon?

I have Tracer’s and 1777 competitive points. I used to play on PC, but now I play on Xbox.

I really like your show.  Me, my dad, and my brother listen to every episode.

Thanks for doing the show.



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