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  • Overwatch is Free to Play for the weekend from 9/22 through 9/25.
  • It’s also $20 off until 9/28. Regular version ($29.99) Game of the Year ($39.99), and you can upgrade to GotY for only $9.99.
  • New details on Overwatch’s toxic player actions have emerged.
    • Starting Sept 27th, a player that is repeatedly banned over several seasons, even non-consecutive seasons, will be eligible for a permanent ban from Competitive Play as soon as the third seasonal ban is issued. It will not decay over time, and once an account is permanently banned, it cannot return to a good standing.
    • If you leave or are kicked for inactivity, you’ll be temporarily barred from competitive play. If you return and begin to leave again, you will be barred again for a longer period of time. The only way to unflag your account is to play and complete matches without leaving or going inactive. Players who are banned due to leaving or inactivity can be banned for the season and give up their spray and competitive point bundle.
    • Console players can be reported through XBox Live and might earn the “Avoid Me” label. If that is the case, you will no longer be able to use in-game voice communication in Overwatch.

Overwatch League

The final teams have been announced for the first season of the Overwatch League.

Philadelphia – owner of the Philadelphia Flyers

Dallas – Team EnvyUs

Houston – OpTic Gaming

Preseason starts Wednesday, Dec 6th and the first season starts Wednesday, January 10, 2018. The first season runs through June, with the playoffs and the first championship in July.

Contenders League

The 6th and final week of the regular season for the Contenders League is currently going on. Good news for future Dallas fans is that Team EnvyUs is currently 7-0 (they played two matches on week 5) and have an overall game score of 25-4. On the EU side, Misfits are leading the pack with a 6-0 record and 23-2 game score. Playoffs for the top 4 teams in NA and EU are October 7th and 8th and will be the inaugural event for the Blizzard eSports arena.  

Hints and Tips

Dva/Mercy changes hit live.

  • Dva – missiles, reduced barrier. Not a “hold right click and win” hero anymore.
    • Strats for playing her. Strats for playing against her.
  • Mercy – she’s like an attack helicopter.
    • Strats for playing her. Strats for playing against her.

Reviews and Emails

Emails: 1

So this letter is long, long overdue. For months now I have been listening to the podcast and telling myself after each episode that I need to write in, only to promptly forget about until listening to the next episode. So yay for breaking the cycle!

For starters, I want to thank you guys for putting on a great show. I enjoy every episode, even when I’m not actively playing Overwatch. I’m a super casual player that only logs in every now and then (which often gets translated into playing only during events), but the fact that I listen to your show every week is a testament to the quality of news and entertainment you provide. As such, I made sure to give you guys a quick 5-star review on iTunes.

I want to particularly thank you guys for putting on a clean show. It is becoming harder and harder to find content that isn’t offensive. Or the hosts stuff their dialog with innuendos like they were in junior high, thinking that they’re being funny. But, once again, not you guys. Instead, I get regaled each week to the tune of dad jokes! (To my eternal shame, I find myself giggling at them even though I am not a dad yet. …keep it up)

About the only thing that I might suggest to improve things is to have some more discussion topics instead of just news. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the talk about the news and all the various tangents that inevitably get followed, but some focused discussion would be great too. Kind of like your character overviews…just more in depth. But either way, I will still be a listener.


iTunes Reviews: 1


★★★★★ in Apple Podcasts by Vertagk from USA on September 23, 2017

A fun and family-friendly podcast. While the hosts discuss the competitive scene, the show is more geared towards the casual player, which is great for me! Recommended for anyone who is looking for Overwatch news and discussion from people who just love the game.



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